Getting Me Out of My Funk

Lately, I’ve been in a funk.  I certainly don’t like to admit that I’ve been missing the drive or energy that I need to get me going at school.  In addition, with so much going on at school that’s non-academic, it’s been hard to keep a unit of study moving steadily and keeping kids engaged in that unit despite many days of interruptions with school assemblies, etc. It’s my job as a teacher to keep pressing on, I know, but in February all the chaos finally got to me and landed me in a funk.  One day though, when I was working on the bell-ringer work with my class, one student really cheered me up as he randomly shared one of his current wonderings…
As Rufus* jotted down the sentences the class had been assigned to correct, he looked up at me and asked, “You know how we’re not allowed to say ‘Hallelujah’ during Lent (I work at a Catholic school)? What do you do if you’re at a concert for those ladies [the Weather Girls] who sing ‘It’s Raining Men’ and the Hallelujah part comes up?  What do you do?”
I couldn’t do anything else but respond with laughter , and I was totally picturing this fourteen year-old child dancing and singing along to ‘It’s Raining Men’ at a concert and then struggling to stop himself when the ‘Hallelujah part’ came up.  When and why had this come up?  How did this child even know the song? 
Then, his classmate replied between her own chuckles, “Rufus, if you’re ever at one of those concerts, send us a picture of yourself.” Rufus flashed us a smile and turned back to his work, most likely moving on to his next musing.
Rufus possesses a natural intelligence and I’m quite fond of that and his kindness.  I’m also quite fond of the fact that he can manage to put a smile on a teacher’s face when she’s not feeling herself one day and bring her back to realize why she stays in the teaching biz… for moments like this 🙂
*Name has been changed

4 thoughts on “Getting Me Out of My Funk

  1. I’m glad you captured this conversation. Sometimes their words are simply the best joy there is. I can’t wait to read about more moments in your daily life.

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