A Rare Care-Free Sunday

    Rarely during the school year do I spend a whole Sunday without dedicating at least a couple of hours during the day to school work/tasks.  Today, however, from the moment my husband and I got up our day pretty much revolved around family time…

     At mid-morning, we all gathered at J’s parents’ home, a beautiful house located on a lake.  I love that house.  It’s so cozy and warm in the winter; I love to sit in an oversized chair in the living room and peek out the window when it’s snowing outside.The yards and frozen lake look so peaceful and pretty as the snow falls gently.   In the summer, I can sit out on the deck and bask in the delicious sunlight as I get settled in to read a good book and the breeze blows through my hair. I’ve recently discovered a favorite pastime at my in-laws’ house.  My mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and I love putting puzzles together. When it’s time for family dinner night, I go straight to the blue table in the living room to see what puzzle my mother-in-law has been working on and get started with my puzzle buddies.

    This day began with brunch at my in-laws’ home.  Homemade waffles drenched in syrup and working on a jigsaw puzzle with family.  Children running around and playing while the rest of the family enjoyed their breakfast, lounging around in the living room. The fireplace was roaring and my cheeks reddened from the heat and the excitement of fitting the next piece into the puzzle.  Soon, it was time to head out.  My husband and I had set aside time for some house-hunting today, too. I quickly added one last piece and looked forward to returning later that day.   

     Evening came sooner than my husband and I realized, and we found ourselves back at his parents’ home for dinner.  Double family time day!  After we filled up on cornflake chicken, baked potatoes, and green beans, I met up with my brother-in-law at the blue table to tend to the puzzle.  While all the ‘kids’ had been away after brunch, my mother-in-law had made quite some progress on her own.  The puzzle was really coming along.  By the end of the evening, the three of us had put together a lovely scene of people riding in horse carriages and others ambling down curvy roads past a light house and beach houses with an ocean and sailboats in the background. Quite a lovely scene, but I must say that the one I was currently in myself was not too shabby. Here’s to embracing a care-free Sunday every now and then during the school year…


2 thoughts on “A Rare Care-Free Sunday

  1. I felt relaxed after just reading this post–what a lovely, lovely day. I’m a high school English teacher so I understand the need to spend part (sometimes most) of Sundays on school work. Once in awhile playing hooky on a Sunday is good for the soul!

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