Reflections on Travels

Yesterday,  my blog post was about a list of places I’ve been and places I still would like to visit some day.  Today, I thought I would spend some time reflecting on somewhere I’ve visited, recalling all my wonderful experiences there.


I have been to Rome twice and had wonderful experiences both times. Here are some of the things I loved about my trips to Rome:

The people– the people of Rome are wonderful and welcoming.  I speak no Italian but the people I came across during my trip were warm and helpful.  Some spoke broken English, others spoke no English at all. No one, however, ignored me or seemed annoyed because I didn’t speak their native language.  If I stopped people on the street for assistance, they were gracious and pointed me in the right direction. If they couldn’t understand me right away, they didn’t get irritated and storm off. Instead, they took more time out of their day to listen more closely and help a complete stranger.  

The Christmas Decorations–  December and January are great times to visit Rome.  The Christmas decorations are stellar.  First of all, I spent some of my time taking pictures of the different nativity scenes people can find around the city. Every church has a nativity scene during Christmas, one as/or more beautiful than the next. My favorite nativity scenes were Saint Peter’s Basilica’s (the one inside) and the one at the top of the Spanish Steps. Christmas lights and decor also line busy streets around the city.  I took a double decker bus tour ride through the city, and the bus always passed through one street which was lined with green, white and red twinkling lights (quite patriotic) that hung above and covered the whole street.  As I rode through this street we [my mom and I] admired the twinkling lights above us.  The great fashion houses could not be left out of the festivities, of course, and I think Fendi’s decorations were some of the best I’ve seen- the front of the building boasted a belt and icicles made out of twinkiling lights; in front of  the store stood a beautiful Christmas tree topped with the Fendi logo, also made of twinkling lights, instead of a traditional star.

The gelato– there are gelato stands and shops everywhere and since Rome has lovely winter weather- most of my days there were sunny and fifty degrees- it makes perfect sense to delight in one of Italy’s tastiest treats.  On both my trips, I stopped at my favorite gelato shop, San Crispino.  As soon as I was done snapping photos of the Trevi Fountain, I headed to San Crispino for creamy gelato. The shop is small and modest, but the gelato is remarkable.   I tried honey, chocolate chip and hazelnut.  All very delicious. 

The bells– the first time I visited Rome, I would sit on the balcony of the hotel in the evening and just listen to the church bells ring.  I’d reflect on all the things I had seen throughout the day, all the beauty I had witnessed, and listened to the bells.  The sun would set and the bells would play and my heart felt so full and content. 

I could go on for hours just listing what I love about Rome, but for tonight I have this list.  It was great reminiscing about the wonderful memories I created on my trips.


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