Time Together

This afternoon I took my dog walking on my college campus- I graduated six years ago, but I love going back.  She and I sat by the lake, and I felt inspired to write about the time we spent just sitting.  I came back home and thought of this…

Let’s linger here, my friend.

Let the breeze

take up our daydreams

and carry them as

seedlings to fall

somewhere and germinate

into delights and hopes.

Let us bask in the sunlight

and watch the willows’ branches

sway over the water.

Let us linger here, my friend.


6 thoughts on “Time Together

  1. “Let us linger here” is something we need to practice a bit more in our busy lives. I loved lingering by the lake with you and your words.

  2. I love the way you called your dog your friend. I’m not a pet person (due to allergies and asthma), but I can totally imagine having a dog and having it be my best friend. What a wonderful way to spend the day with your treasured friend.

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