Spring? Could it Be?

This week’s weather forecast includes sixty to seventy degree-weekdays!  I could not be more pleased with these predictions. I picture myself in short sleeve shirts and skirts as I saunter out to my car at the end of the day rather than do my semi-run to the car because it’s so cold.  Granted, it has been a mild winter compared to ones in the past, but I cannot wait for spring to be here for sure.  I will gladly bid winter and all that comes with it a farewell…


Scraping ice off my car windows (especially when I am already running late in the morning)

Leaving the house with two pairs of shoes- my boots and my regular shoes. Really? I’m  a teacher!  In addition to two pairs of shoes, I also have two school bags and lunch.

Layer upon layer of clothing because it can be so unbearably cold in the mornings that I cannot fathom standing it without layers of shirts and sweaters.

Iceskating across the school parking lot.

Cold drafts that occassionaly get through my coat and layers of clothing which chill me to the bone even more. No amounts of hot chocolate can seem to make it better some days.

I’m off to plan my springy teacher outfits for the week B)



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