A New Home…

My husband and I have been house-hunting for a while, but we’ve finally found the house.  It’s really exciting. I’ve been collecting pictures of decor and accessories that we both like. They’re saved on my iPad for when we’re ready to start shopping.  I’ve been imagining what color schemes we’ll use for painting and where we’ll hang our family pictures. There’s a small room directly to the right when you walk into the house.  My husband and I have designated it as my reading room.  I see myself sitting in the middle of the room with my writing workshop books scattered on the floor as I figure out my lessons for the week.  We’ve talked about putting a large bookshelf in my reading room and chairs for company to sit with me and my husband in the reading room. I cannot wait to fill that bookshelf with my favorite books.  The ones I’ve read for pure pleasure.  The ones that have taught me more about writing and reading, about being a teacher.

J and I will be sitting quietly in our living room and suddenly one of us will voice a musing we’ve recently been having about what else we’ll do in our new home.  It’s fun to picture together how things will be in our new home.  I see J cooking up a storm in our beautiful kitchen.  He’s a wonderful cook, and I look forward to see him baking his chocolate chip cookies  and surprising me with his special dinners.  He won’t even let me peek.  I see our two dogs curled up by our beautiful fireplace as we sit together and watch TV in the evenings, both exhausted from work.

It will be wonderful starting this new chapter of our lives.  It will be wonderful to have a walk-in closet…


One thought on “A New Home…

  1. Ah, I dream of reading rooms. Even a reading nook. In a tiny 2 bedroom condo there’s not much room for that. Oh, and a wine cellar… Sound very exciting for you!

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