Trying to Be the Cool Teacher

It isn’t easy to admit but today I spent about half an hour trying to learn how to do the Dougie. A while back I saw a video on YouTube- Justin Beiber was on the Ellen show teaching her how to Dougie. It was so entertaining watching Ellen trying to repeat JB’s dance moves. Knowing I wouldn’t tire of this clip, I saved it to my Favorites section. Today, I pulled that video up; it made me chuckle again, but it also made me want to jump off the couch and try the Dougie myself. If anyone saw me I bet they would think I was quite a sight as I held the iPhone in my hand and watched the YouTube clip to study the Beib’s moves. I can only imagine how hard my middle school students would laugh at the sight of one of their teachers dancing awkwardly around her house, trying to get the “cat daddy” right and repeating to herself, “Cross, cross…wheel chair,” matching up the moves with the directions. Just trying to keep up with the times, I guess.

Justin Beiber and Ellen


One thought on “Trying to Be the Cool Teacher

  1. I had to laugh while reading your slice, because this is something I would do! I love to dance and I’ve been known to boogie around at our middle school dances. I’m sure I get plenty of eye-rolls, but I do my best to be oblivious. Life is short; I gotta dance. I thoroughly enjoyed your description of you doing the ‘cat daddy.’

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