Spring Break

Spring break is fast approaching and I can’t help but daydream about what I’ll be doing with a whole week off. This will be one of few times I will not be traveling somewhere by plane during spring break. Though I love to travel, I will definitely appreciate the fact that I don’t have to worry about packing or rushing from one airport terminal to the next to catch a connecting flight, etc. When I daydream of how I will spend my spring break this year, I imagine:

  1. Sleeping in late.
  2. Enjoying a leisurely morning at Starbucks-a nice mocha and good book will suit me just fine. This is one thing I always wish I could do every time I rush in on a school morning to get the coffee I need to start my day.
  3. Window shopping/browsing the Internet to collect more decor ideas for my new home.
  4. Taking a day trip to Chicago- strolling through Millenium Park or go visiting the Art Institute.
  5. Catching up on movies that I had planned to see at the movie theater but which are now on DVD (The Descendants, My Week with Marilyn, The Iron Lady, and Puss in Boots– the latter was actually recommended by my student).
  6. Taking lunch-time walks with my dog, especially if the weather stays as warm and delightful as it has been.
  7. Catching up on laundry and cleaning around the house- I let the mess get out of control sometimes.
  8. Scrapbooking- I usually don’t get back to scrapbooking until the summer, but I’m almost done with my wedding scrapbook (I’ve been working on it for two years).
  9. Visiting with teacher friends and catch up.
  10. Resting and replenishing the energy I will need to get back to work once spring break is over.

6 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. We only get a four day weekend, but I’m taking advantage of every minute. Trying to get a few things done, but also time to relax. Hope your week is relaxing and restorative!

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