It’s getting a little tough keeping up with writing this week, just as a previous Slice of Life post by Stacey mentioned this part of March would be.  I’m doing well remembering to post every day, but my topic ideas are starting to dwindle.  Fortunately, Stacey created the 31 Slices of Ideas map and I kept it.  Today, I picked a topic from that- laundry.  I LOATHE laundry.  My husband and I agree to split household chores, but one of mine just happens to be laundry. I get so busy and tired with school work that the piles of laundry in the basket can sometimes get as tall as I am (this might not be saying much as I’m 5’2  but still…).  Every now and then, my husband watches 19 Kids and Counting, that show about the Duggar family, and the only thing I notice is their laundry room.  It’s a room that contains six washers/dryers and piles upon piles of clothes to wash.  The laundry piles alone are enough to make me want to change the channel.  What a total nightmare!

This week my laundry pile has grown quite a bit.  It’s just me and my husband,  but if I continue skimping on my chores, I might give the Duggar brood a run for their money.  I started tackling that pile this morning and have been trying to make it smaller and smaller before the weekend ends.  As mentioned in a previous post, we are finally getting closer to finding a new home.  I’m certainly VERY appreciative that the features of the home we want will make doing laundry easier. First of all, the washer and dryer will be located on the first floor.  I won’t have to haul laundry all the way to a dark, cold basement anymore.  Second, I’ll have a walk-in closet, where I can hang more of my clothes instead of folding and storing them in the linen closet and in under-the-bed containers like I do now. Third, the house we are considering has a second linen closet in the laundry room.  I will be able to fold things and put them away in that closet before even walking out of the laundry room to get to the linen closet in our bathroom.  I seriously commend the builder(s) who came up with a fabulous plan for a home that included copious amounts of storage.  Perhaps I’ll learn to like doing the laundry, if such a thing is possible…


10 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. Yes, you did it. An interesting slice about laundry. I could visualize your pile of laundry growing and then dwindling. The house you are looking at sounds promising for more space to do laundry. Nice clean ending as well,

  2. I have a suggestion! If you can do it in the house you’re in now, great, if not try it right when you move into your new home.

    Get 3 laundry baskets (I particularly like the ones that fit just a load of laundry in there so you don’t over fill), and label them, Whites, Darks, Lights. Then when a basket is full you just plop it into the washer and that’s a full load. Makes keeping up with it a lot easier. This helped me stay up with my laundry and i am like you and it’s probably my least favorite chore.

  3. Paul says:

    Laundry is a constant reminder to me that I’m not the person I want to be. I’m not organized enough, I’m not on top of things, I don’t have everything always neatly piled away and folded. *sigh* But, I’ll be better tomorrow, I promise! Next weekend it will all get done… 🙂

  4. Nice slice! It made me chuckle. I don’t have a laundry aversion because my husband does 95% of it. Please don’t hate me. My sister, a grown woman of 47, regularly goes out and buys clothes because all of hers are dirty. She would kill me if she knew I’d said it out loud. It sounds like your new house will be perfect for you. I look forward to reading more from you.

  5. I had to read your slice as I struggle with laundry so much, especially this month when I’m trying to read and comment. I have a load in with baseball pants. I have to get them done or my son will be without for practice. I love how you are problem solving as you visualize the current situation.

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