My Inner Child Wants a Pinkalicious Bike!

My niece is turning four this week, so my husband and I went shopping for her birthday gift today.  We had agreed on getting her a Disney Princess bike.  We were in Target heading into the bicycle aisle when suddenly I spotted a Pinkalicious bike right next to the one we had set out to buy. I don’t have kids, and I’m not too familiar with the Pinkalicious books, but the bike is sooo cute.  The bike is white with the Pinkalicious character on it and on the back a smaller chair is attached… for a doll!  I could just see our niece gently placing her babydoll on the back and taking her for a ride  down her driveway.  Heck!  I wished I was four again so I could have this bike with a baby seat for my doll.

Seeing all the neat toys kids have these days really makes me wish I was a kid again!  Every time I walk through the kids department for one of our annual birthday-gift-buying excursions I find something I would have loved as a kid.  This Pinkalicious bike definitely would’ve been on my list.  As we passed by the bikes for older kids, I couldn’t help but wish my husband would pull one with rainbow tassels and a plaid seat out of the racks so I could have a quick bike ride down the store aisle.  Adulthood quickly brought me out of my childhood reverie, however, and we pressed on to purchase the princess bike.


One thought on “My Inner Child Wants a Pinkalicious Bike!

  1. the other ruth says:

    This made me smile–I’ve always wanted to ride one of those bikes up and down the isles! Glad to hear that your inner child is still very much alive, and I hope you get that rainbow-tassled bike some day!

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