Morning Routine

I’m writing about another topic from the 31 Slices of Ideas map that Stacey graciously shared with us- today I chose my morning routine…

My goal is to wake up around 5:30 a.m. every morning and head to work at 6:20 a.m.   Lately, I have been pushing the snooze button more and more, so I am definitely rushing out the door most days.  One part of my routine that I really wish my husband would take on (since he gets to sleep in most mornings & works from home) is taking my dog out to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes I try to sneak out of bed as quietly and slyly as possible so Cubby won’t wake up, but she can always sense when I’m up!  I make one minor move, and she hops out of bed to get ready for bathroom time.  I love my dog, but it drives me crazy that she knows when it’s bathroom-time when I get up; if my husband gets up before I do(rare, very rare), she stays in bed!!! How does she know??


One thought on “Morning Routine

  1. I remember skulking around the house in hopes of making it across the living room without waking our Weimaraner! At least you know Cubbie loves you! 🙂

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