A Party on a Thursday??

I admit… I was a little grumpy that we had to attend my niece’s birthday party on a Thursday- her mom, my sister-in-law, had to reserve a roller skating rink for the occasion but the owners don’t rent out the rink on weekends.  I had so much on my mind after school;  I really wanted to sit down, reflect on my lesson plans and think about where I’ll start off tomorrow with the work I have yet to do with my students. All that was quickly put to the side as I got home and started getting ready for the birthday party. I rushed in to wrap the bicycle we had gotten for our niece, so it would be ready when it was time to head to the party.

Once at the party, though, I found myself rollerblading with my husband-something he and I had actually never done before since neither one of us had skated since grade school- and having quite a good time with our family.  My concerns about school were nowhere in sight. I’m content that I got over having to give up some weekday work time at home to celebrate a lovely little girl’s special day.  It was good to get together with family.  It was good to see our niece’s face light up when she unwrapped her princess bicycle.

Now, we’re back home and J’s upstairs spraying his back with Icy Hot- he’s preparing for the soreness he’ll be dealing with tomorrow morning thanks to the skating.  I just hope my husband won’t be in too much pain tomorrow…


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