Writing Gallery- Successful Ending

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The crowds at our Fine Arts Showcase were great today. I put together the slideshow in this entry using some of the pictures I took over the weekend. Teachers, parents, and community members did a great job coming together to celebrate our students’ talents and accomplishments. We’re already brimming with ideas for next year and discussing ways to continue working on sharing all the great work that’s done at our school.

Of course, with all our great efforts to put together events like the Fine Arts Showcase comes great exhaustion. Yes, I’m feeling great exhaustion but I’m still content. I reached two of my biggest goals this weekend- finishing strong with a first-time writing gallery and submitting my report card grades earlier than usual. All before the evening begins! Yes, I do still have way too much laundry and my lesson planning left to do today , but I can handle that. No problem.


5 thoughts on “Writing Gallery- Successful Ending

  1. Wow, your photos show lots of hard work you did to organize and lots of work from students. Bet the kids really appreciate the opportunity.

  2. Jama says:

    What an accomplishment! You deserve the rest. The pictures are very impressive. I especially enjoyed the one with all of the little books.

  3. WOW! These pictures are amazing. I want to know more! I hope you have posted previously – I will go back and check – about how this production comes together. My dear friend is an art teacher and just finished with the district art show. I would love to ignite a flame to grow it to include the written art forms!

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