One of My Faves… Dancing with the Stars

When I taught high school English, my colleagues and I used to have a Dancing with the Stars betting pool.  I wasn’t an avid watcher of the show but I joined the pool anyway. I soon became a fan. Five years later, I’m still watching, and I even got my husband watching with me. That is until the season Donnie Osmond won.  Donnie Osmond’s TV personality annoys my husband to no end.  He was really rooting against Osmond and was left in utter disappointment in the finale when he was announced the trophy winner. Hence, tonight I sit alone, watching the new contestants cut a rug with their talented professional dancers. This year, I am rooting for William Levy and the opera singer girl.  1) Levy is gorgeous!  If I were a judge, I’d give him the trophy because I’d be too bewitched by his looks 2) My second choice for a winner is more based on talent.  I just can’t believe how well the opera singer (I couldn’t remember her name because I was probably salivating over Levy) can dance already.  Wondering if she has dance experience in her background… Back to the show.


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