A Word to Live By: Aloha

If I had to think of one word to live by as this new year begins, I would choose aloha. I discovered my word when I had to do one of the things I dread doing when January begins- taking down my Christmas decorations. I find Christmas to be one of the most magical times of the year- Christmas music, sparkly lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas movies, Christmas parties… the list goes on and on.  This year was extra special when it came to decorating because my husband and I worked together to decorate our new home for the first time (we moved in last spring), and I loved how our home looked after he and I planned everything and shopped for our decorations together.

My husband had already started taking the outdoor decorations down yesterday.  It was a tough blow to take on the same day I discovered that my Christmas radio stations were no longer airing.  I did bite the bullet, though; I started to take everything down this afternoon. I lovingly put my Christmas tree ornaments away and replaced my Christmas pictures with the usual ones I keep on our side tables and bookcase.

It makes me sad to say goodbye to all the beauty and magic that Christmas brings, but I got to thinking… 1) Goodbye isn’t really the right word, because Christmas will be back 2) I could apply this perspective to other aspects of my life as 2013 begins and start using the word aloha, which means ‘goodbye and hello’, instead…

Aloha to Christmas and all the wonderful things it brings- I can look forward to being surrounded by family and love around a Christmas tree again this year.

Aloha to life as I know it right now.  It will soon be changing as my husband and I prepare to welcome our first child  in a couple of months. This time in our lives will surely bring lots of new adventures, and I will be changed by it no doubt.

I’ll be saying aloha to my students in a couple of months as I go on my maternity leave, but I’ll see my eighth graders again at the end of May when I attend their graduation reception and join my fellow teachers and our students’ families in sending them off to bigger and better things that await them as they continue on to high school.

I hope I’ll be using aloha a lot this year. I’m not a fan of goodbyes, so I’m glad there’s a word to live by that helps me focus on what’s to come when something in life draws to a close.


3 thoughts on “A Word to Live By: Aloha

  1. I’ve always loved the song “What Aloha Means.” Do you know it? Here are the lyrics in case you don’t:

    “Aloha” means we welcome you,
    It means more than words can say.
    “Aloha” means good luck to you,
    Goodnight at the close of day.

    You can find the rest at: http://www.squareone.org/Hapa/w28.html.

    BTW: May you feel well for the duration of your pregnancy. 2013 is going to be an exciting time for you!

  2. Stacey,
    Glad you could provide the words to that song. As I was reading this post, I was thinking, “Aloha, I think, means both hello and goodbye.” Sounds like you are in a really exciting place, where you will be saying goodbye to some things, but hello to a lot of others that are equally wonderful! Wishing you rich blessings in 2013.

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