Mixed Feelings about Back-to-School

I have love-hate feelings about any back-to-school topics at this point in summer break. On the one hand, any back-to-school ad or commercial signals the nearing of the end of all the quality time I get to spend with my little boy.

On the other hand, there are some things that do get me the teensiest bit excited about back-to-school. Case-in-point… Getting my Erin Condren teacher planner. For a year now, I’ve seen posts by different teachers about this custom-designed planner. I even watched a teacher unwrap & look through her planner online to see if I’d like it myself. Though pricey, it certainly feels like Christmas come early. I have a new bag to keep it in, and like a little kid, I’m storing up my new school supplies and looking forward to using them for a new school year. Just not anytime too soon…





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