Teacher Style

What I’m loving this year…

1) A former college classmate introduced me to KEEP Collective this year.  It’s an amazing accessories collection.  I love love how  personal and unique I can make my bracelet and necklace designs. All the keys (charms) I choose represent a special meaning/memory to me. It’s great working with a designer who can help set up my hostess parties, so I can earn rewards based on how many purchases are made. Ansley Williams is the designer I’ve worked with and she’s amazing!! Quick to show me demos of the designs I’d like to put together and incredible at working the online party with all my KEEP guests.

My most recent purchase (pictured below) includes keys that represent my love for Harry Potter. The lightning bolt represents Harry’s scar; the owl represents Hedwig, Harry’s pet owl; the time key represents Hermione’s timeturner; and the gold wing represents the golden snitch

.My KEEP- watch

What I’m loving right this minute are the summer and travel keys and the silicone keepers (bracelets). I love jewelry I can use with casual looks and pieces I don’t mind getting wet when I’m at the pool or at the beach. 

KEEP necklace New KEEPs


2) Rompers!! When I’m spending all my days with my little guy, I want to be extra comfortable but accomplish that with a stylish outfit. No item helps me do this better than a light romper. Loft has rompers in many different styles, some with great little details like tasseled drawstrings or shirred fronts (like the one pictured below).


3) Keep.com! I came across this site by happy accident one day.  Keep.com is a place to browse for and buy products that are currently trending on the Internet. It’s been a great place to go and find amazing items from all my favorite brands and stores: Kate Spade,  Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Boden, the list goes on and on!  Just came across these fun sandals and Kate Spade watch- perfect for summer…

Kate Spade- watchBoden Sandals


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